Jan 29, 2015
Follow Zugme on Instagram and follow us around the world as we take you to new and exciting places through beautiful photos and videos! Zugme users who post pictures publicly can have their photos shared on the Instagram by writing in and submitting a photo or sometimes just by random selection. Also, the Zugme team will bring you along in their travels by taking photos and/or videos of wherever they are in the world. We at Zugme are an international team and we want you to see where we go and what we experience because you’re part of our family.

We want the Zugme Instagram account to be as personal and as vivid of an experience as Zugme itself is. We hope that through such a popular medium as Instagram, we can show you even more how social media connects us all no matter how far apart we are in the world, and we want Instagram users to know that they can take their passion for sharing with other people even further by joining Zugme and exploring a whole new level of social networking that they might have never experienced before. Our goal is for the Zugme Instagram to be a gateway to Zugme for new people, and for Zugme users our goal is only to strengthen your experience and expand your Zugme family.

To follow Zugme on Instagram, search @zugme on your Instagram app.