Jan 29, 2015
A two-dimensional navigational architecture for your updates, photos, videos, and audio is an exciting and unparalleled approach to bringing people together, exploring and directing traffic based on interest and geographical location. Public content that is tagged with a topic and city instantly appears in both the chosen topic feed and the chosen city feed – each feed offers its own level of exposure on Zugme.

Our onsite search engine allows users to instantaneously search content on Zugme by topic and city. For example: If you search for Music (topic) in New York (city), the search engine will show you a list of suggestions such as:
Music @ Charleston
Music @ New York
Music @ Boston
Music News

as soon as you type “Mus” in the search box.

@ in front of the word defines that it is a city (geo-location). Similarly, if you type “@ New” in the search box, the search engine will provide you with some suggestions relevant to what you entered. For example, you might see:
Music @ New York
@ New York
@ New Orleans
@ Newark