Jan 29, 2015
Zugme is a non-conventional social networking and promotional media featured with a two-dimensional (topic and geo-location) navigational architecture. Your updates, photos, videos, music and audio posts are tagged by topic and city, and instantly appear in both the chosen topic feed and the chosen city feed, providing targeted and extended reach to your audiences. The audio commenting feature gives users the opportunity to approach social networking with a more human-like interaction.

We are turning the social media business model on its head with an exciting and unparalleled approach to bringing people throughout the world closer together through social networking while providing free advertisement space to active users who generate traffic to their profile and content.

Here are some of the features:

Search Engine Optimized - All public content on Zugme, including your own profile is search engine optimized.

Topic @ City - Not a conventional blogging platform. Extraordinary exchange of traffic among bloggers since everyone can post their posts in a topic and/or city feed. Limitless opportunity to direct your blog post in any direction allows you to significantly increase exposure and attract traffic.

Start topic feed - Everyone can start a new topic. Once you start a new topic, anyone can post his or her own posts in that feed. You have an option to receive notifications every time someone posts something in the feed you started.

Your ad space - Earn advertisement space while expressing your thoughts, branding your name, increasing online presence for your blog, business, music – having fun.

Re-direct your posts - Edit and reassign your posts to any topic and city feed at any time.

Audio comments - Record and post audio comments via Zugme app for Android devices.

Mobile Apps - Use Zugme Android app to stay tuned with what’s trending and post audio comments.

Easy to use - Easily share content online. No blogging experience requires. Just be social. We share on Zugme.

Remove unwanted comments - Ability to delete any comment from your posts and/or report spam.

Channels to other social networking sites - Everyone can share any public content to other social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Clean design and look

Free blog hosting - Zugme host topic and city feeds – you place your posts in a topic and/or city feed of your interest. Start blogging without spending any money.

Share URLs - Extremely useful when promoting your already established blogs hosted elsewhere online. Ability to share a link(URL) to any online web page with every post.

Multiple photo posts - The Multi-Photo Publisher is a powerful tool to easily publish multiple photo posts in various shapes and looks.

Private content - Use myPeople section to share private content with people you choose to share with.