Searching for the Best Student Band

Searching for the Best Student Band Zugme is no stranger to supporting new and emerging musical talent, but this competition takes our devotion to another level. We’re searching for the best student band in the UK throughout September, with some awesome prizes lined up for the competition’s winner. Read on to find out how to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

The Next Big Podcast Competition

Zugme have teamed up with UK music blog DrunkenWerewolf to search for The Next Big Podcast! Enter our competition to win a fantastic podcast starter pack, featuring everything you’ll need to get your project off the ground and noticed worldwide.

Sennheiser giveaway

Zugme has teamed up with esteemed headphones retailer Sennheiser to give away a coveted pair of their new Urbanite headphones, retailing at £149.99.

Octopus Books prize

Zugme has teamed up with publishers Octopus Books to give away several copies of their latest release, 1001: Movies You Must See Before You Die by Steven Jay Schneider.

UK music blog DrunkenWerewolf @ Bristol

Zugme has once again collaborated with UK music blog DrunkenWerewolf to offer our social media followers the chance to win some choice tunes from the past twelve months.

Fashion gift voucher

Zugme will be giving away a £50 ASOS UK gift voucher in the run up to Christmas – the perfect excuse to purchase a new party outfit!

Music - SOFAR

Zugme has collaborated with Sofar Sounds to bring one lucky reader a pair of tickets to their next nearest event.

Originally based in London but now operating in over 30 different countries, Sofar Sounds have quickly established themselves as a house promoter to be reckoned with, billing the likes of Bastille and Robert Pattinson alongside hotly tipped up and coming acts. This is an exclusive opportunity to witness the brand’s magic in action, in a living room near you.


Zugme has collaborated with Bristol’s Watershed to bring one lucky reader a pair of tickets to any film screened in the cinema.

Bustling with art professionals and students, Bristol’s Watershed is the place to be when it comes to new, independent and foreign films. Regularly hosting Q&A sessions with BAFTA award winning directors and producers, alongside showcase and premiere events; Watershed is endorsed by the British Film Institute and Creative England amongst others. The cinema currently hosts films ranging Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ to The Beatles’ silverscreen debut ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.


Zugme has collaborated with Cardiff’s The Deck to bring one lucky reader a coupon to have high tea for four at the restaurant and cakery.

Boasting some of the best icing skills in the South of Wales alongside scrummy omelettes, tried, tested and essential classics, and mouth-watering sarnies; the Deck staff get through a massive 250 eggs every day, have delivered straight to the door of Vivienne Westwood and recently received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. Not bad for a café that established itself in January 2013, eh?


Through the powers of the good ship Twitter, this month on @zugmemusic we’ll be giving away tons of music related goodies to celebrate the month of March and its fabulous onslaught on the music scene.

We’ve collected armfuls of the latest and greatest CD albums by brilliant bands such as Maximo Park, Peggy Sue and The Wave Pictures to the delight of several lucky winners. Plus we’ve got our grubby little hands on some amazing music freebies, such as a $50 iTunes voucher, t-shirts and posters. All of this plus more can be found and won under the #MusicMarchMadness hashtag on Twitter.


Zugme, a brand new social networking site, is turning the social media business model on its head with an exciting and unparalleled approach to bringing people throughout the world closer together through social networking. We created a platform for everyone to share their content using a two-dimensional feed, each offering its own level of exposure. Content is tagged by topic and city, and instantly appears in both the chosen topic feed and the chosen city feed. Our audio commenting feature gives everyone the opportunity to approach social networking with a more human-like interaction.


A two-dimensional navigational architecture for your updates, photos, videos, and audio is an exciting and unparalleled approach to bringing people together, exploring and directing traffic based on interest and geographical location. Public content that is tagged with a topic and city instantly appears in both the chosen topic feed and the chosen city feed – each feed offers its own level of exposure on Zugme.

Our onsite search engine allows users to instantaneously search content on Zugme by topic and city.

Earn Free Zugme Ad Space: Here’s How

Earning ad space on Zugme is a great way to get exposure throughout the Zugme community for your company, label, artists, cause or other venture. It’s simple, too!


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One of the great things we’re particularly proud of at Zugme is our international community of active users. Zugme users (and the team here) are from all over the world and are always posting amazing things from around this beautiful earth!


Follow Zugme on Instagram and follow us around the world as we take you to new and exciting places through beautiful photos and videos! Zugme users who post pictures publicly can have their photos shared on the Instagram by writing in and submitting a photo or sometimes just by random selection. Also, the Zugme team will bring you along in their travels by taking photos and/or videos of wherever they are in the world. We at Zugme are an international team and we want you to see where we go and what we experience because you’re part of our family.


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ZUGME FOR MUSICIANS Are you a musician? If so, Zugme is the perfect place for you to build yourself a worldwide fanbase and gain exposure for your music. Consider the two-dimensional feed, for example. When you post content to Zugme, you tag it by topic and by city (topic @ city). So let’s say you want to upload a 30 second audio “commercial” you’ve put together for an upcoming performance in Chicago. First, upload the file. Then, you’ll want to tag it appropriately.