Interested in targeted advertising, are you? We’ve got members who are open to new things and are passionate about music, travel, fashion, and a host of other topics. Please contact us at to get started.

Meanwhile, here are the basics:

  • Display advertising is available in the right-hand column of most pages of the Zugme site, and will soon be available on mobile.
  • We accept GIF, PNG and JPEG formatted vertical rectangle ads (240 x 400 pixels). We will accept shorter and taller sizes up to 600 pixels, as long as they maintain a 240 pixel width.
  • You can choose the topic and/or city feed(s) where you want your banner to appear.
  • At this time we sell only time-based ad space.

All ad space is subject to review to maintain site quality and user experience.

About that free ad space …

It’s all true. Go to our blog post for all the details. In a nutshell:

Step 1: Establish an account and fully set up your profile on Zugme, including a profile picture. We only give ad space to real, active members.

Step 2: Link your website to your Zugme profile page using a Zugme image from our graphics page.

Step 3: Send us your banner and a web address where you want the banner pointed. Free ad space is available on your Photo, Audio and Video content pages. For paid Feed-specific ads, please contact us at and let us know you want to promote, so we can help you with placement.