Welcome to Zugme!

Discover life in cities through new people – not through a guidebook.
Whether on our site or our mobile app, you’ll find:

Unmatched support for photo, video & audio

At Zugme, you can leave audio comments, as well as Specify photo, video and text comments, on any Share (post). And it’s easy to discover new artists and videos, which are grouped together on every page so they play consecutively.

Unmatched visibility

Tag your Share to what we call a Feed, using our unique “what @ where” format – enabling members from around the world to see your Share on their home page.

Direct connection with any member, based on common interests – not who you know.

Not to be negative, but we hate popularity contests. Our service connects you with people in more than 6 million cities around the world through the lens of your interests, whether that’s music, travel, sports, fashion, film – start a feed on just about any topic. For more info, see How It Works.


We believe in privacy just as much as we believe in sharing. In Zugme’s myPeople, you can interact with people you know and trust in an area that is not tracked by us or by search engines. Selectively share content with only specified people. So that picture of you slobbering over yourself at Glastonbury last summer? Share away with your festival mates, knowing it won’t come up in an employer search next spring.

Integration with your other favorites

Easily post your latest Vimeo or YouTube video here. Or, post your latest Share to Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn – Zugme plays well with others.

Support for 50+ languages

Specify languages you want to see content in, and languages you like to post in. We’ll never hold back that one friend of yours who speaks Swahili, Catalan, Icelandic, Dutch, Serbian and Korean.

Free ad space for qualifying members

Yes, you read it right. At other sites, you’re the product – but at Zugme, when we succeed, you do, too. For a limited time, music labels and other commercial interests earn free ad space for inviting 10 people who become members. Just little old you bringing in 10 friends? We’ll award you with Zugme credit – also a limited time offer. Tell me more

Who’s here?

People from all over the world – just type in a city and see what comes up. No results in your city? Congrats! You’re officially a pioneer. Great, you’re thinking, but it’d be better if my friends were here. We couldn’t agree more – send them an invite!

We’re growing fast among musicians, music fans, podcasters and audio bloggers. But we’ve built the service to suit anyone who wants to explore and connect with people around the world, based on common interests. Remember, the more the merrier.

Who’s not here?

The only people we’re not looking for are cynics – the sort who always bring the energy down, just so they can feel like the smartest person in the room. You know the type. They’re busy enough leaving nasty comments elsewhere, right?

Why are we doing this

People wrote off Apple once. They wrote off Detroit. Today, people like to write off social media. We’re oversharing, they say. We brag. We leave stupid comments. We get caught in compromising positions. We’re checked out of normal life. Our moms are using social media. Perhaps worst of all, we’ve become the product.

Aren’t we over this?

Well, we at Zugme are having another go, and here’s why: direct social interaction is one of the most powerful things the intertubes have to offer, and much potential still remains.

Basically, we’re in love with the idea of being global connectors. There are still millions of people who want to discover new sounds, new places & new people in a friendly environment. This is the dream that drives us every day.

So... who are we?

We’re a small (OK, very small) group of idealistic thinkers and developers based in San Francisco. We’re 100% bootstrapped at the moment, which leaves us a bit hamstrung by our day jobs to reveal much more, but it also leaves us free to do exactly what we believe is right. At the first moment we’re able, we’ll do a big reveal and you can see our cute little faces. In the meantime, check out our regular blog updates.

Now, about you.

Because you’re interesting, you know. Where you live is interesting. What you listen to is interesting. So fill in your profile, post a photo, and let your fellow members have a look. Right away, you’ll discover new sounds, new places and new people.

As you shower each other with newfound attention, you’ll find you’ve become what the investors-we-don’t-have call an early adopter – the crazy people who take some chances, have more fun than should be allowed, and cause great new things to take off, so that next year, the rest of the world has something to follow.

Sounds good, right? Let’s get started!